Where to find a Nest installer in London

Nest installer in London

If you are wondering where to find a Nest installer in London you’ve come to the right place. That is, of course, providing we are talking thermostats rather than accommodation for birds.

First, we had Smartphones; then we had smart televisions. Things seem to be getting smarter by day, and the science of heating your home doesn’t want to get left behind. Enter, the Nest learning thermostat.

About Nest smart thermostats

The Nest thermostat is as you’ve probably already guessed from our short introduction, a smart thermostat. It was designed by a guy called a team of players. The team consisted of consisting of Ben Filson, Fred Bould and Tony Fadell. Their product was then taken through development by Nest Labs.

Consumers use nest thermostats to control the heating (or cooling) in their work or home environments. They give their owners the ability to optimise the temperature of the spaces they occupy and thus conserve energy. You might be an eco-warrior. You could just someone who thinks about the environment and conserving the planet’s limited resources. Either way, these devices are for you.

The Nest smart thermostat incorporates a learning algorithm. During the initial use period, owners regulate the thermostat. This provides the device with a set of reference data. From this data, the smart thermostat then learns the owners’ requirements. This includes things like becoming aware of their schedule, when the heating or cooling is required, and to what temperature.

Thanks to the thermostats in-built sensors, when the device decides that the home or premises is vacant, it can change into eco-mode.

Is your heating/cooling system Nest compatible?

You check out whether your current heating and/or cooling system and thermostat arrangements are compatible for a nest smart thermostat installation. Simply call us here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating on one of the contact number shown below.

There is no pipework necessary to connect a Nest thermostat. It works via Wi-Fi, but it does need to be connected to your electricity mains supply. These devices work with both electric or gas-fired water boilers. However, because no actual plumbing work is required, it is not necessary to use a gas safe registered plumber.

But for peace of mind, the quality of work we carry out, if you employ CW Services, as your Nest installer in London is exemplary. We are Gas Safe registered anyway and we work to the highest standards regardless of the type of work we do.

CW Services Plumbing – top Nest installer in London

It is possible to install a nest learning thermostat yourself. If you are handy at DIY and you have a basic understanding of electronic devices and Wi-Fi, this helps. You can get all the information you need from the Nest website.

If however you would prefer a professional to install a Nest smart thermostat(s) for you and you live in the south London area, you won’t find a better Nest installer in London than us here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating. For a free no obligation quotation or to arrange a site visit to your home or work premises, please call us on either 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184.