What To Do When You Have Emergency Gas Leak

What to do if you have an emergency gas leak

Over 23 million homes here in the UK use natural gas. Under normal circumstances it is a perfectly safe source of heating provided it is treated with respect and appliances are properly and regularly maintained. But leaks can happen, and if they do it is important to know what to do.

What to do in any gas emergency

Poorly fitted or poorly serviced gas appliances can cause gas leaks, explosions, and fires. They can also be responsible for emitting carbon monoxide poisoning. If you are involved in any sort of gas emergency, here’s a guide of what steps you should take:

  • The first thing to do is to immediately get some fresh air. Open all the doors and windows in order to ventilate the room and/or premises.
  • Switch off all gas appliances and do not switch them on again until they have been checked out by a Gas Safe registered engineer or plumber.
  • The next thing you should then do is to turn off the gas at the mains.
  • If you live in London, you can then call the emergency services of CW Services Plumbing and Heating. If you live anywhere else here in the UK, or if you cannot get through to CW Services for one reason or another, call the National Gas Emergency number on 0800 111 999.
  • If you or anyone else on the premises is feeling unwell, you and/or they should visit either the appropriate GP or the nearest hospital immediately. Do not delay. When you see the doctor, tell him/her that you may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. (If you enter a room or a premises where someone is unconscious and you have reason to suspect it may be gas related, you must call an ambulance immediately.)
  • Before the gas is switched back on again at the mains, or any gas appliances are re-ignited, it is essential that you have them checked out by a Gas Safe registered engineer or plumber.

Prevention is the best form of cure – book an annual gas appliance check

The best way of avoiding a gas emergency in the home or on a business premises is to make sure that any gas appliances fitted there are annually serviced and tested by a registered Gas Sage engineer or plumber.

If you live and or work in London you can book a gas appliance service and make a repeat annual booking order with CW Services Heating and Plumbing. Both our company and all of our plumbers are Gas Safe registered.

Gas Plumber Emergency Call-out Service London – CW Services Heating and Plumbing, London

Here at CW Services we operate a 24/7 emergency service for both gas and/or plumbing emergencies. In any emergency don’t delay – call 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184.