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Upgrading your boiler

Why should you consider upgrading your boiler if the old one is still working? No one wants to spend money just for the sake of it, but sometimes it’s a case of investing to achieve certain benefits, and this is certainly the case if you decide to upgrade your boiler.

If you are considering upgrading your boiler, it’s probably a lot easier than you think. If you live in South London, you can call us here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating. We are one of the top firms for a new or replacement boiler installation in London.

Let’s get back to that question of why you should consider upgrading your boiler. We think you’ll find the answers to be a convincing argument.

Safety first – the main reason for upgrading your boiler

The first thing you should always consider is your and your family’s health. If you have a gas powered boiler it is imperative you have it serviced every year by a qualified Gas Safe plumber of fitter. Carbon monoxide poisoning has been in the news again recently – for all the wrongs reasons. It seems that many home owners and landlords are still not aware they must have the gas boilers checked and serviced every year. Failing to do so can cause fatal accidents; as with the case of the 10-year child that recently resurfaced.

The older your boiler, the more risk there is of carbon monoxide emissions. Regular annual servicing is essential but new parts to keep your old boiler safe can be expensive.

Cheaper operating costs

New boilers are made with better materials and incorporate the latest technology. It means that not only are they better at keeping hot water hot, but they are quicker and less expensive at heating it up in the first place. Timer and sensor technology has improved in recent years which means you have far more programming options than ever before, and the heating can be set to come on and go off more sensitively and reliably. If you do go ahead with upgrading your boiler, you will benefit from cheaper heating bills.

Super convenience

One of the great advances in modern technology is being able to connect to home appliances over the internet using a computer or a mobile, remotely. If the weather changes sharply, or you have a sudden unprecedented supply for hot water, say visitors phone you at work to say they would like to visit and stay, not giving you enough warning to alter the boiler settings, you can get caught out. However, if you have remote access to home appliances, (using something like Hive) there’s no problem. Just dial up home and instruct the appliances accordingly.

First class boiler installation in London courtesy of CW plumbing and Heating Services

Cheaper operating costs and more convenience; that’s what upgrading your boiler is all about. You may even be pleasantly surprised at how cheap it will be to install. If you live in South London, you can call on the professional services of CW Services Plumbing and Heating. If its first class boiler installation in London you’re looking for at a competitive price, we are the company for you. We’ll take the old boiler away too of course,

Why no call us today for a quotation or for more advice? You can call us on 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184. The sooner you install a new boiler, the sooner you can start enjoying cheaper heating bills.