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Although Underfloor Heating is considered by us here at CW Plumbing and Heating Services, and many others to be “state-of-the-art”, it’s something that’s been around for a very long time indeed; in fact the history of underfloor heating can be traced back as far as the Neoglacial and Neolithic eras. Of course in those days they used to use hot smoke to heat floor stones which then radiated the heat into the room or space above, whereas as nowadays, with our advanced technology, we use gas/water power, solar power, and mains electricity.

The floor surfaces best suited for underfloor heating

Underfloor heating in the home is normally associated with stone or tiled floor substrates. It can however also be used under carpeted floors, although, if this is the case, it’s important to ensure that the underlay and/or carpet are not so dense that they prevent the heat from rising up through them. The recommended tog measurement is no more than 1.5 maximum.

The efficiency of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a far more efficient way of heating than conventional central heating using radiators. This is because radiators are limited to a specific, small area, whereas an underfloor heating grid is normally spread out over the entire area of the floor. It means that instead of having to heat the water to a higher temperature in order to get a greater depth of heat emission from a radiator with a relatively small heat emission surface, because with underfloor heating the heating is distributed over a greater area in a more local sense, wherever you are in the room, the water does not have to be heated to such a high temperature.

Retrofitting underfloor heating has its problems

In terms of hot water powered or “wet” underfloor heating, it is far better suited to a new build situation rather than being retro-fitted. This is because of the size of the water pipe itself. With a new build scenario, the pipe size can easily be taken into consideration when designing the floor layout. A retro-fit situation often involves having to have a complete new floor installed, which of course increases the overall cost.

Using CW Plumbing Services in London

The other consideration with wet underfloor heating, is that is should be fitted by a plumbing professional; someone like us here at CW Services (Plumbing and Heating). You must also be careful to ensure that if you are retrofitting, that your existing boiler is “man enough” for the job; or of it is a new build situation, you need to specify the right type and power of boiler.

CW Services – providing the best boiler service in London

Modern “wet” underfloor heating systems use continuous plastic piping to carry the warm water, so there is little if no risk of leaks; in fact they are considered to be, in the main, maintenance free. However, you must of course have your boiler regularly serviced, and if you have a gas boiler, you need to ensure that the service engineer is “Gas Safe” registered, like all of the engineers we employ here at CW Services. We supply the best gas safe boiler service in London.

Electric underfloor heating

The alternative to a “wet” underfloor heating system is an electric system. The latest systems are now in a roll-out carpet format that is relatively easy for DIYers to install, although the recommendation is that you should use a fully qualified electrician.

The cost effectiveness of wet versus electric underfloor heating

In terms of cost effectiveness, electric underfloor heating is cheaper to install than “wet” underfloor heating, although it costs more to run. Both types of heating will lower your heating bills slightly when compared to central heating via conventional radiators. But remember, if you have a wet underfloor heating system installed, CW Services provide the best plumbing and heating services in London. Call us today for your free, no obligation quote.