Tips for Having A Complete Bathroom Renovation

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A complete bathroom renovation is such an exciting home project to have. Not only it may fix all of your plumbing problems, but a total renewal can also lift the aesthetic and function. However, since it may cost quite some time and money, you should know better how to make it worthwhile.

Here are some tips you can consider:

Think Twice Before Relocating

When renewing your bathroom interior, you might want to relocate every furniture to create a new atmosphere. But if you consider doing so with your bathroom fixtures, you might need to reconsider.

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Every fixture in your bathroom is connected with the plumbing system which is located beneath the floor and wall surface. So when you move the fixture’s position, there will be plumbing readjustment works too. This process will take time and money significantly. Unless you need them to be relocated, it might be better to leave them be in their original position.

Browse About Fixture Variation

Nowadays, there are a lot more variations of fixtures than there used to be. When browsing for new fixtures, challenge yourself to check out as many types as possible. For example, a rain shower head or body spray is getting very popular lately as it turns out to be a more satisfying way to wash your body after an exhausting day.

Plan the Lights Too

Most people are busy choosing fixture models, tiles, and paint when planning a complete bathroom renovation. Yet they fail to realize that lighting design matters a lot.

Commercial Bathroom Lighting

Ditch your single regular light bulb in the middle of the bathroom. Instead, be more creative with various lighting systems. You can have one set of lamps to light up each fixture so you don’t have to light up the whole bathroom every time you have to do something in it. Not only does this trick may elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic, but it also helps you reduce energy consumption. 

Calculate the Budget

The bathroom has more complexity than any other room in the house. Thus, there will be various kinds of expenses when renovating it. If you did not plan your budget right, you might end up getting shocked by how much you spend on this project.

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If an architect helps you with the renovation design, ask him to include an elaborate budget estimation on his service. This data allows you to reconsider every bit of the renovation plan.

Visualize the Design

If you have extra budget, A 3D visualization shows how your bathroom would be after it is done renovated. This image can help you see the proportion and harmony of the design. This way you can judge whether the design is already as good as you imagine it to be.

For better evaluation, you can take pictures of your existing bathroom. Arrange a series of photo comparisons between the “before” photos and the “after” CGI. Does the renovation design looks like it is worth all the budget planned? 

Bathroom Renovation CGI Image

With proper planning, you can save quite a lot of money and time on your complete bathroom renovation project. You may also end up with an even more satisfying result. 

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