The Importance of Keeping Gutters & Downpipes Unblocked

The importance of keeping gutters and downpipes unblocked and well maintained

Plumber Registrations & CertificationsIf your gutters and downpipes get blocked you need to get them unblocked quickly. If you don’t take prompt action you’ll soon find that the blockage leads to other problems of a more serious nature. If you live in London, you can call on the services of CW Services Plumbing and Heating, if you suspect or know that you have a problem. We also operate an emergency call-out service.

Due to the fact that downpipes and gutters are exposed to the elements all year round, they are subjected to all kinds of abuse that the weather can throw at them; high winds, ice, rain, snow, plus leaves and other pieces of rubbish picked up by the wind. If they are not unblocked, cleaned and kept a good state of repair they can easily deteriorate and will then have to be replaced.

Blocked downpipes and gutters lead to other problems

Blocked downpipes and gutters, if left unattended, may increase the chance of erosion to the walls and fascias of your property. They can also heighten the chances of water seeping through to your wall interiors, and can re-channel the flow of surplus rainwater to places where it shouldn’t go.

This can affect the foundations of your property, cause wood to rot, mould to grow and lead to electrical problems too. Any standing water that accumulates can also lead to the growth of bacteria and other undesirable pathogens.

If leaves are allowed to accumulate in the guttering and inside downpipes, as they are apt to do during autumn, when the temperature drops and ice forms in the winter, this can easily lead to pipes and gutters cracking and splitting. The sooner you get them cleared the better. The less chance there will be of permanently damaging their integrity.

In terms of maintenance, downpipes and gutters should be regularly checked to ensure that the piping isn’t cracked or split, and that any brackets and fasteners are still sound.

Working from ladders is dangerous

Some homeowners (the ones who enjoy doing DIY) like to try to unblock and clean their downpipes and gutters and carry out maintenance checks themselves. While this is commendable it can also be highly dangerous. Falls from height, (ladders and stepladders) are one of the most frequent cases of accident, including fatal ones.

There are an estimated 2 million ladders in daily use here in the UK. Over 48,000 men and women need hospital treatment every year having fallen from ladders in and around the home while trying to undertake some sort of DIY task.

Ladder health and safety tips

If you are intent on unblocking, cleaning and maintaining your downpipes and gutters yourself, make sure you are aware of good ladder safety.

  • Ladders should be leant at 75%. A simple rule of thumb guide is to stand the ladder 1 rung out from the wall for every four rungs up
  • Always ensure the feet of the ladder are placed on flat, hard ground.
  • Always face the ladder when climbing up or down
  • Where possible secure the top of the ladder by tying it to a solid point
  • Don’t carry tools in your hand when climbing up or down,. Use a tool belt
  • Keep 3 points of contact with the ladders at all times
  • Never overstretch

Contact CW Services Plumbing and Heating for gutter and downpipe unblocking, repair and maintenance

The safest way of getting your pipes and gutters unblocked in London, cleaned and maintained is to hire professional help. Anyone living in here in London can employ CW Services Plumbing and Heating. Contact us for a free estimate. Call us on 020 7733 6812 or 07

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