South London underfloor heating installation costs

If you live in South London and you want to find out more about underfloor heating installation costs, one of the best South London underfloor heating specialists to talk to is CW Services Plumbing and Heating.

Underfloor heating was first used back in ancient Roman times. Then, the flooring substrate was specially constructed to accommodate warm air being circulated through channels which were cut into the stonework.

Modern engineering and technology has taken this original idea and modified it accordingly. Instead of warm air providing the heating, it is hot water or underfloor electric elements. Both types of heating have their pros and cons, and in order to understand more about the installation costs of South London underfloor heating, you need to decide which system you prefer.

Which type of South London underfloor heating suits you best?

The first thing to consider with regard to which system to have installed is the flooring in your home. If it has already been completed, there may not be enough space beneath the flooring to accommodate hot water underfloor heating. Ideally, the pipes for underfloor heating need to be installed approximately 200mm below the floor surface. If you don’t have this sort of space, you will either have to create it, which will prove expensive, or choose the other heating option – electric elements.

Once hot water South London underfloor heating has been installed, it is cheaper to run than electric. However, the downside is that the installation cost can be much more expensive because it is that much more labour intensive.

The simplicity of electric underfloor heating

South London underfloor heating that uses electric cables is far simpler and therefore much less expensive to install. The various options of this type of heating include loose wiring which is flexible and perfect for installing in tight or difficult spaces; electric cable systems and heating mats which can be rolled out in order to cover large expanses.

Typically, South London underfloor heating is installed onto a top substrate of screed with a layer of insulation. The insulation is to ensure that the heating works its way upwards and not downwards.

You can get an electric underfloor heating system to suit virtually every different style of floor. The most appropriate type will relate to the area of the floor, the quality of insulation, what the layer beneath the floor is like and the type of flooring finish.

DIY or professional installation?

Pre-formed electrical underfloor heating can be installed by an experienced DIYer. It’s a good way of avoiding the installation cost of London underfloor heating if you are competent enough. Wet underfloor heating, on the other hand, needs to be installed by a qualified professional.

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