The Signs That Mean You Could have a Blocked Drain

The Signs That Mean You Could have a Blocked Drain

Some householders are luckier than others. Many can go for years without ever experiencing a blocked drain, whereas other others experience them with alarming regularity. Spotting a potentially blocked drain early can save a lot of grief later, when the blockage becomes complete, making it necessary to call a plumber out on an emergency basis. If that does happen, and you happen to live in the London area, one of the best plumbing services In London you can call is us here at CW Services plumbing.

Preventing a drama from turning into a crisis

Diagnosing a blocked drain early means that it can be dealt with and unblocked before it becomes, (to borrow the words of a well-known TV advert – thanks Norwich Union), a drama that turns into a crisis. Here are some of the tell-tale signs to look out for.

Horrible odours

In many instances a blocked drain gives off offensive odours. This can happen when particles of food don’t get properly washed away and instead, begin to accumulate in the pipe. They then start to decompose. You may notice the smell more after running the tap. This is because the water aggravates and excites the bacteria. You can best avoid creating this type of blockage by ensuring you don’t put any food waste into the sink, or if you do; by fitting a plughole strainer.

When your drain make a gurgling noise

If your drain emits strange gurgling noises when you drain it, it could be an indication you have a blockage in the pipes. The gurgling noise is caused by bubbles forming as the draining water tries to work its way round the obstruction. These bubbles then rise to the surface, causing the water to be “swallowed” in gulps rather than in a steady flow.

When water drains slowly

A partial blockage interferes with the water draining smoothly away. The worse the blockage is, the slower the draining process will be. It may even pool in the bottom of the sink and take several minutes to completely clear. This is a sure sign there is a blockage. You may be able to remove by using a sink plunger. It’s certainly worth a try before resorting to calling a plumber. If all else fails, call CW Services, the best plumbing and heating services provider in South London.

Higher than normal water level in the toilet

When you flush the water in your toilet, once it’s stopped washing the contents of the bowl away, the water level should return to its normal level. If the level is higher, it means your toilet it hasn’t washed the contents away fully, and the influx of new water is causing the level to settle at a higher level. It may then slowly drain down to its former levels over a number of minutes. It means that there is a partial blockage somewhere in the pipe.

Also, if when you initiate the toilet flush, the water level rises higher and nearly overflows, it’s another indication there’s a blockage.

Call in the cavalry

If you’ve got a plunger, a metal sink and drain unblocking tool, or a toilet auger, you may be able to clear the blockage yourself. If however, DIY plumbing isn’t your thing, you can always rely of CW Services, top plumbers South London, to come to your aid. Call us on 020 7501 9549, or 07949 095 184 any time, day or night.