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Megaflo Installation London – CW Services Plumbing & Heating

Megaflo unvented water heating systems are fast becoming one of the most sought after forms of water heating here in the UK, and if you need a experienced, qualified plumbing contractor to supply and fit a Megaflo heating system in your London home, you can rely on the quality services of CW Services Plumbing and Heating.

Who are Megaflo?

Megaflo, the trade name of Heatrae Sadia, is the market leader here in the UK with regard to the manufacture and supply of unvented water heaters. Suitable for both home use and industrial use, Megaflo heaters have become synonymous with unvented water heaters in general, in much the same way as the name Hoover became associated with vacuum cleaners in general.

The benefits of a Megaflo Unvented Water Heating System

Unvented water heating systems are fed directly from the mains cold water supply. Because of this they offer various benefits over conventional water heating systems which include:

  • Higher flow and pressure at all hot water taps
  • Balanced supply of hot and cold water
  • High performance showers that do not need special shower pumps to deliver pressure
  • No loft water storage cistern
  • A Megaflo hot water cylinder can be situated anywhere in the home
  • Less complex plumbing system

A Megaflo system will work with standard water taps, and being made out of high quality materials, a Megaflo unvented water heater provides its owners with peace of mind, supported by excellent product system longevity and performance guarantees.

Only G3 qualified plumbers can install Megaflo water cylinders

As the water is fed directly into a Megaflo cylinder from the water main, the water is stored under pressure, and it is important that whoever installs a Megaflo water cylinder is G3 qualified, as we are here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating.

Approved Megaflo G3 installation contractors – CW Services Plumbing and Heating

Because unvented cylinders rely on the pressure from the incoming water provide directly from the mains, high flow and pressure is delivered by all taps without the need for extra moving parts such as pumps. When installed correctly, by someone like CW Services Plumbing and Heating, unvented systems, and Megaflo systems in particular, are safe and reliable.

CW Services Plumbing and Heating are approved Megaflo installation contractors.

CW Services Plumbing and Heating – G3 qualified and Gas Safe registered

Megaflo cylinder prices provide excellent value for money, especially bearing in mind that the Megaflo brand name is leading brand name in the unvented cylinder market. With a 25-year plus guarantee, Megaflo cylinders are available to suit all applications and can be heated by gas, electric, or renewable heating sources.

If the installation will be gas heated, anyone in London choosing CW Services Plumbing and Heating as their installation contractors has the peace of mind of knowing that our Megaflo installation engineers are Gas Safe registered as well as being G3 qualified.

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MegaFlo Maintenance Requirements

To ensure the continued optimum performance of the Megaflo eco it should be regularly maintained. This is of particular importance in hard water areas or where the water supply contains particulate matter.

Maintenance should be carried out by a competent person and any
replacement parts used should be authorised Megaflo eco spare parts. It is recommended that maintenance is carried out every 12 months.

In hard water areas, consideration should be given to periodically descaling the immersion heater elements. To do this the Megaflo eco unit will need to be drained by a qualified MEGAFLO plumber.