Heating Problems in your Property

Heating Problems

Everyone wants a warm and cosy home. Whether you live in your property or are a landlord, it is important to be aware of the factors that affect the heat efficiency of your property, and what potential heating problems you may encounter. Here are a few tips to help you manage the heating system in your property.


Radiators may need to be bled to prevent air blockages. You can determine if this is necessary by seeing if there are cold patches on radiators.

If a radiator is not working, there could be a range of reasons. Common heating problems include sludge in the system, requiring power flushing with chemicals; there might be erosion in the pipes; you might find leaks in the compression or elbow joints; the radiators themselves may be corroded inside; the boiler pump may have degraded; thermostatic values can become stuck. It is best to bring in a professional London plumber to determine whether it is one of the above problems or boiler electronics, a timer issue or a thermostat malfunction.

If you want to remove a radiator yourself, click here for a set of simple instructions.

A Robust Boiler

The heart of a good heating system is a robust boiler that is serviced annually to keep it in top condition to avoid heating problems. The boiler should be the correct size for the property, well ventilated (if it is a combi-boiler) and regularly maintained with an annual service.

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