Gas Appliance Installations

Gas Appliance Installations – South London’s Gas Safe registered premier gas, plumbing and heating services supplier  

CW Services (Heating and Plumbing) repair, service/maintain, and carry out gas appliance installations. We operate standard gas boiler services London by appointment, and an emergency boiler repair London service too. Whatever your needs for gas plumbing, CW Services can help.

We are Gas Safe Register Accredited

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Gas Appliance Installation Services

New gas appliance installations are just one of our areas of expertise, and we have the in-depth knowledge and experience to tackle any job. We install new, service and repair:

  • Gas central heating boilers
  • Gas sink water waterGas Appliance Installation - Safe Registered
  • Gas Dryers
  • Gas cookers and fitted hobs
  • Home gas furnaces
  • Gas fires

Natural gas, if handled correctly, is perfectly safe. But gas appliance installations must only ever be carried out by Gas Safe registered plumbing engineers.

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Are they Gas Safe registered?

When a gas plumbing engineer arrives on your doorstep, it’s advised not only that you ask to see the gas fitter’s Gas Safe registration card, but that you check it out too, for authenticity. Unfortunately there are a lot of “cowboys” around who pretend to be qualified, but who are not. Their registration cards might look genuine, but in some instances are clever forgeries. It only take a few seconds to check it out, and any genuine, Gas Safe qualified plumbing engineer/fitter won’t mind waiting on the doorstep while you take his/her card and check. As providers of top gas and plumbing services in London, it’s something we’ve come to expect.

The easiest way to check a registration is online. Just follow this link to the Gas Safe registered website. You’ll see a yellow and black box on the right hand side of the web-page. Simply click on the “CHECK A GAS ENGINEER” tab, enter the engineer’s 7 digit registration number shown on the card, and you’ll get instant confirmation.

Our Gas Safe Register Business Number : 233012

South London’s premier gas, plumbing and heating services supplier

One of the most important jobs we do as South London’s premier gas, plumbing and heating services supplier is to carry out the yearly servicing of natural gas appliances. Natural gas is naturally odourless, and colourless. A natural agent called Mercaptin is added to it to aid its detection should there be a leak. Its odour has been likened to that of rotten eggs. If you ever smell it about the house, and you know it’s not eggs, call an emergency gas fitter like CW Services (Plumbing and Heating) without delay.

Beware of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

The real danger from faulty gas appliances, or poor gas appliance installations, is the risk of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. Not only is this colourless, but unlike natural gas, it has no added odour. It can lull you off to sleep, or if you are asleep already, can starve your brain of oxygen, causing brain injury, and may even kill you. You simply can’t afford to take any chances, so ensure you have all of your gas appliances serviced annually.

It’s also advisable to have audible CO detector alarms fitted throughout your home. We can help with this if needed. Please note however that having alarms fitted should not be taken as an excuse not to have your gas appliances regularly serviced.

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Gas, plumbing and heating London specialists – domestic and commercial services

As South London’s leading gas, plumbing and heating services provider, we serve the commercial business market as well as the domestic market, with our full range of services.  Whether you call us out in an emergency, or simply ask us to come round and give you a free, no obligation quotation, you can rely on CW Services for a top quality job, at competitive prices, with the guarantee of the very best in reliability, and customer satisfaction.