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Boiler Installation

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Whether it is a landlord letting out their property or a private dwelling, boiler installation can represent the most frustrating aspect of a property. But whether you have a combi-boiler or gas boiler, good boiler installation is the best way to ensure it has a long life because as a one of the most heavily used appliances in your home, it will be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide hot water and heating.

It used to be that installed boilers were designed and manufactured so that parts that broke could be easily replaced, helping to keep the costs of boiler servicing & repairs down. However, these days boilers tend to be installed so that if they fail, the whole boiler system must be re-installed, which can prove costly.

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When It is time for a New Boiler?

There are few indications that you can notice before it completely stops.

  1. If your boiler keeps restarting. This can increase your monthly consumption cost more than you expected.
  2. Your boiler can have difficulty to warm your house or keep your water hot enough.
  3. If boiler is making noises.

These may be prior indications for consequent breakdown. The life span of a boiler may depend on the amount of use, the maker and model.

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Saving Costs by Installing a New Boiler

If you are installing a new boiler for a property, there are some important considerations. For example, it is in your interests to install a boiler that is as energy efficient as possible, as this is a good marketing point for potential tenants who will have a consideration of what the energy bills may be. With increasing energy costs year in and year out, this is becoming a priority for savvy tenants.

Energy Efficiency Standards for Boilers

ErP, SEDBUK 2009, and SEDBUK 2005, for example, are some systems to show boilers’ efficiencies and they are all based on slightly different calculations. Energy Labeling for ErP, ranging from A+++ to G, helps customer to identify boilers energy saving. Almost all new gas boilers get at least A energy label. SEDBUK is still commonly used by many boiler manufacturers, but the difference is that rating changes from A to G, but after the 1st April 2005, installed condensing boilers have to have efficiency rating of either A or B in SEDBUK standards.

Boiler Capacity Considerations

Be sure to install a boiler that has enough capacity for the property. Small boilers may not fill a large bath, so be conscious of how many people will live in the property and how many people the new boiler install is required to serve. This will also prolong the life of your boiler.

Moreover, to determine correct energy needs of the boiler (e.g. kWatts for electric boilers) will ensure that the flow rate is sufficient to circulate the all radiators. The higher flow rates help your boiler to heat the water faster.

When installing a boiler, ensure it is well ventilated when fitted. It is also a landlords legal requirement that you fit a carbon monoxide detector by any boiler installation to protect the safety of your tenants.

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Installation Types of Boilers

Wall mounted boilers have replaced floor standing ones over years. Changing from a floor standing to a wall mounted boiler or repositioning your current boiler to a different room or wall may require extra work and cost.

This will consequently add to the cost of your new boiler installation. Our Gas Safe Accredited Gas Engineers will advise on the best position for your new boiler and tell you if there will be any additional cost, so you can make an informed decision.

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Landlord Legal Requirements for Boiler Installation

When installing a boiler, ensure it is well ventilated when fitted. It is also a landlords legal requirement that you fit a carbon monoxide detector by any boiler installation to protect the safety of your tenants.

Different Types of Boilers

High efficiency condensing boiler has become requirement under government legislation since 2005. That’s why the most modern boilers are therefore condensing type. The combi-boiler, system boiler and standard boiler (also known as a conventional or a regular boiler) are three basic types of boilers.

Criteria for choosing right boiler depend on some factors, for example, whether having gas connection, hot water requirements in home, available space and its efficiency.

To replace your old boiler with the same model is always easier, but advantages of newer and more energy efficient model may outweigh disadvantages of an old one.

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Boiler Installation Related FAQ

Can I install a boiler myself?

Because of safety measurements by law, Gas Safe registered engineer must conduct boiler installation. Without required qualifications, one may put one’s home or family at risk, which must be avoided precaution. Even if you trust your ability once you have tools, you should leave it to professionals. CW Services Plumbing and Heating Ltd offer quality and affordable boiler installation with Gas Safe Register Approved Engineers.

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Which type of boiler should I get?

Because condensing boiler has become requirement under the legislation since 2005, It has to be a type of condensing boiler.

A combi boiler doesn’t require separate tank for just storage. With this aspect, it’s quiet space saver. You won’t need big hot water storage cylinder or cold water storage tank, which is found in older systems. Heat exchanger is triggered by turning on your tap, and its constant standby mode changes immediately so that your hot water can be ready any given time during the day.

System Boiler can be considered hybrids between standard and combi boilers. They still have a hot water cylinder for storing water, but hot water system is in the unit, similar to combi boiler system. Without loft space, it can fit small spaces even though they are a little more powerful than combi boilers that assures convenience for busier homes.

System boilers are almost a hybrid between standard and combi boilers. They use a hot water cylinder to store water, but the hot water system is stored within the unit – just like a combi boiler. They’re slightly more powerful than a combi boiler, which is great for busy homes, and compact enough to be fitted within a smaller house as no loft space is needed.

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Why should I have condensing boiler?

Condensing combi boilers can be fit into smaller spaces compared to conventional ones. They don’t need extra hot water tank and they are available in different compact sizes.

New models are all fitted with heat exchange which are made from noncorroding stainless steel.

Its control is easy to manage. You won’t need to wait for timer because it automatically heats the water. There are only temperature on/off options and few heating options.

How do I know if the boiler replacement is needed?

  • Constant need for repairmen
  • Difficulties to keep your house and water warm
  • Your energy bills have become higher

These are fundamental indications that you may want to replace your boiler.

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