Power Flushing Service in London

Power Flush your Heating System

Power Flushing is like a service for your heating system.

Would your central heating system benefit from the power flushing service we offer here at CW Plumbing and Heating Services? If you live in the South London area and you would like to book a power flush, call us on either 020 7733 6812, or 07949 095 184.

What is a Power Flushing Service?

All central heating systems develop a build-up of sludge in their pipes over a number of years. It’s unavoidable. Not only does this build-up of sludge cause your heating system to run inefficiently, is also causes a number of other problems, such as:

  • Noisy operation
  • Rust developing in your radiators
  • Radiators needing frequent venting
  • Dirty, black water building up in the central heating system
  • Cold areas on your radiators due to build-up of sludge
  • Poor water circulation around your central heating system
  • Central heating pump constantly cutting out
  • Blocked valves resulting in cold radiators
  • Expensive heating bulls

Booking a power flushing service from CW Heating and Plumbing Services can make all this go away.

How Power Flushing works

Here at CW, we utilise the most advanced cleaning solutions on the market. In addition we have the most powerful CF90 Quantum 2 power flushing pumps. Together, these pumps and the chemicals we use can get rid of even the most stubborn deposits that have been allowed to build up in your central heating system.

All of our plumbing engineers have been specifically trained in the use of this machinery by the manufacturers, meaning that we can use them to their maximum power and potential.

Private and commercial premises

The power flushing service that we provide here at CW Plumbing and Heating Services is suitable for both private, residential accommodation, and commercial, business premises too. Whether you are a home owner of a business premises owner, we will come to your home/premises, carry out a free survey and provide you with a free, no obligation quotation. You can also rely on the fact that all of our Plumbing engineers are fully Gas Safe registered.

Satisfaction guaranteed from CW Plumbing and Heating Services

Here at CW Plumbing and Heating Services we pride ourselves on our customer service. Whether it’s a Power Flush, installing a new bathroom, boiler or toilet, or a plumbing repair; we guarantee satisfaction. We also operate a 24/7 emergency call-out service here in the South London area.

For your free quotation, call us today on 020 7733 6812, or 07949 095 184.