Repair or replace your gas boiler?

When it comes to the question of should you repair or replace your gas boiler, the answer depends on several issues. Probably the most important consideration to take into account is your gas boiler’s age.

There are two issues you face when you boiler gets too old. One, and by far the most important, is the danger of emissions. The other problem is that many manufactures won’t service or repair old boilers beyond as certain age. That age can vary, but with Worcester-Bosch for example, 20 years seems to be their cut-off period.

There is a third issue too which is about repair and running cost expenses.

Keeping safe from emissions whether you repair or replace your gas boiler

Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions are the prime safety concern with all gas fire appliances. Even a new boiler, if not properly serviced and maintained can emit carbon monoxide. CO poisoning is known in the trade as the “silent killer.” It can lull victims into a sleep from which they never awake.

So regardless of the fact of whether you are having a gas fire appliance repaired, or having it replaced, only ever employ Gas Safe registered fitters and plumbers to do the work.

What to do if the boiler’s manufacturer refuses to repair or service your appliance

If the manufacturer of your boiler will no longer support the device, what are your options? The first consideration should be whether original parts are still available.

There are some companies around that sell so-called “equivalent parts” that are deemed to work with certain appliances. To be completely safe however, you should only ever use original parts. You simply can’t afford to take chances with gas appliances.

If original parts are still available from a trusted source, then it is wholly possible to continue to repair and service and old boiler. You must of course only employ Gas Safe fitters and plumbers as already mentioned.

Escalating repair costs

The fact of the matter is that like any product, the older it gets, the more repair work and maintenance it will require. When considering whether to repair or replace your boiler, escalating repair costs are a key consideration. As a rule they will only continue to get rise as the device ages further.

Escalating running costs

Even if you manage to keep on repairing and getting an old boiler serviced, gas boilers eventually become less efficient with age. New technology and new materials continually lower running costs as they come onto the market.

The truth is that as your gas boiler ages, it will not burn or heat as efficiently, which means that your running costs will rise just to maintain the same levels of heat.

The London boiler repair specialist

Having a good plumbing and heating company around that you can trust is a big help. If you live in South London, and you need a good London boiler repair specialist, you can call on us here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating. We are a Gas Safe registered company.

Customer care is our first consideration. If your boiler will benefit from being repaired in a way that benefits your pocket; that is what we will recommend. If on the other hand your boiler is getting progressively older, less efficient and more costly to run, we will advise you to replace it.

To get in touch with us about whether to repair or replace your gas boiler, call 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184.