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Power Shower Installations are one of the most common installations we are asked to perform. Until people try the power showers that many gymnasiums and hotels have these days, they have no idea of the sheer joy and feeling of invigoration that using a good power shower can bring. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll never be satisfied with your namby-pamby weak little shower head back at home.

Spot the difference

To fully appreciate the joys and benefits of a power shower, it’s a good idea to have an inkling of how they work, and what the difference is between a good power shower, and ordinary “common or garden” electric shower.

The pros and cons of the electric shower

The first big difference between a power shower and an ordinary electric shower, is that an electric shower only draws on a cold water supply. They actually heat the water “en situ” as it is drawn from the cold water supply. The good thing about this is that they are quite economical to run. They only heat the water you actually use as you take your shower.

The other advantages with an electric shower are that they are cheap to buy, and that they work even when your hot water boiler breaks down – (If by the way you boiler does break down, CW services offer the best emergency boiler repair London has ever seen) – back to the pros and cons of electric showers.

On the downside, the water flow with an electric shower is much weaker than that of a genuine power shower, and because of the weaker flow, if you live in a hard water area, the lime-scale build up is something to be reckoned with. You’ll constantly have to de-scale the shower head.

Electric shower power ratings

Electric showers come in power ratings from 8.5kW to 10.5kW – the higher the rating, the stronger the flow. But even the strongest 10.5kW units can’t match the flow of a true power shower.

The power shower explained

The first big difference between an ordinary electric shower and a power shower is that whereas the electric shower only draws on the cold water supply, a power shower draws its supply from both the hot and the cold domestic water supplies in much the same way as a mixer tap does. The other big difference is that a power shower has its own built in pump. This not only strengthens the flow, (especially important if you have a weak flow in your home), it also gives you better control over the temperature of the water.

Designed to boost low water pressure supplies

Power showers are expressly designed to work with low pressure water supplies. The power of the integral pump kicks in and instantly magnifies the pressure of the supply, boosting it to provide you a wonderful, fully invigorating shower.

Power showers are more costly

On the downside, power showers are considerably more expensive that an ordinary electric shower, (the cheapest is around £200 as opposed to about £50 for a cheap electric shower), and they use more water than an electric, which could be an issue if you have a water meter fitted at home.

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