Plumbing Prices For Installation or Repair

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Plumbing prices for the plumbing and heating trade has got a poor reputation with many people. All too often their experiences have left many customers felling ripped off, either by being overcharged, or by having “cowboy” work done, or both. Well we here at CW plumbing and heating services are out to put all that right – at least, here in South London where we operate.


When people land on our website, one of the first things they see is our slogan: HONEST, CLEAN, and RELIABLE. It’s a big statement, and one that we work hard at making sure the message gets across, and the first place to start is by quoting keen, competitive prices. Price is what usually attracts people in the first place, and it’s something that a lot of unscrupulous plumbing companies try to take advantage of.

Always get 3 Quotes

The one thing we recommend to our clients is to get a minimum of 3 quotes. In the first place any good plumbing and heating services company worth its salt, like us here at CW Services should offer you a free, no obligation estimate service. If they don’t, they’re not worth considering.

From rock bottom to sky high

There are two very distinct types of plumbing contractors; those who quote rock bottom prices, and those who quote sky high prices. The rock bottom price merchants usually do a “cowboy” job, and it’s only by offering silly prices that they can get work because they have no reputation worth considering.

Unfortunately, because the quality of the work is so low, it often means you have to spend more money putting a bad job right.
On the other hand, the sky high price merchants can’t really be bothered. They often survive on contract work, just filling in with the odd private jobs here and there. The customer service of such companies is often totally non-existent. You’re not important enough to them to make a difference.

Middle of the road

The “middle of the road” price is usually one to go for, and it’s certainly where we at CWS intend to position ourselves when we offer free, no obligation quotes. Our labour prices are very competitive, and we don’t put a huge mark-up on top of plumbing supplies. It’s an honest, fair price for a quality job, with HONEST being the operative word. Our price is honest, and so is the quality of the work that we provide, be it a boiler installation London, or an emergency boiler repair London.

Leaving things CLEAN and tidy

We don’t leave a mess behind us, either. The second word in our slogan is CLEAN, and that’s exactly how we leave the work area. We respect your property as much, as we respect the quality of the work that we do, and leaving the work area clean, neat, and tidying as important to us as it is to you.

What RELIABLE means to us

In terms of our slogan, that just leaves the word RELIABLE, a very important word, and one which relates to every facet of our work. When we agree an appointment, you can be certain we will turn up on time. In the unlikely event that we do get delayed, we will phone you in advance and tell you.

Our price is RELIABLE

When we quote you a price you’ll find this RELIABLE too. We won’t escalate the nature of the work simply to ante-up the price. If we do come across something unexpected, you will be consulted before continuing, so you remain firmly in the driving seat all of the time.

Our quality is RELIABLE

Finally there is the quality of the work that we carry out, which is also 100% RELIABLE. The reason that CW Services offers one of the best plumbing services London has to offer, is that we survive on our reputation and your recommendation.

We know that if we don’t deliver on our slogan of HONEST, CLEAN and RELIABLE you won’t be prepared to tell your friends about us, for all the right reasons, which is why you can guarantee that when you employ CW plumbing and heating services for any job, large or small, you’ll be paying the right price for all of your plumbing installation/repair jobs.