Noisy boiler? Find a plumber in Brixton

Do you live in Brixton? Is your boiler noisy? If it is, it could be a sign that it is in need of maintenance or repair, or even that it needs replacing.

What many people worry about when looking for a plumber in Brixton, or anywhere else here in the UK come-to-that, is that they might employ a “cowboy” plumber who simply wants to earn a fast buck and who will tell you your boiler needs replacing even when it doesn’t. Unfortunately there are plenty of these cowboys around, so if you want to be sure of getting a plumber in Brixton you can trust and rely on, call us here at CW Services Heating and Plumbing.

Your boiler may be kettling

If your boiler is making curios or frightening noises (banging, gurgling and/or whistling) you ought to have it looked at sooner rather than later. Any of these noises could be a sign of something that we call “kettling” here in the trade.

Kettling comes about when limescale is allowed to build up in your boiler’s heat exchanger. It’s something that most people associate with kettles, hence the name. If you call a plumber in Brixton quickly, you might be able to forestall costly boiler repairs in the future, or delay the need for having to buy a new boiler.

Of course it’s not just kettling that causes boiler noise; it could be that you have low water pressure, or that you have a dodgy water pump. In order to determine exactly what the problem is, and deal with it, track down a plumber in Brixton, like us here at CW Services for example and give them a ring.

If you want to have a go at sorting out the problem yourself, here are few handy tips of what you can do.

De-scaling your heating system

If you suspect the noise is the result of a build-up of limescale, you can try using a chemical agent to de-scale the system. You can buy these from most DIY stores or from a plumber’s merchant. The process involves shutting the system down, adding the de-scaling agent into the feed and your expansion tank, and leaving it for several days. Then flush the system out and refill with ordinary water.

Check the thermostat

Your thermostat may be set too high, or it could be faulty. Try resetting the temperature lower. It may mean that your rooms won’t be so warm, but it is a compromise you may be willing to make to get rid of the noise.

Checking the water flow to your boiler

Poor water pressure is often the cause of boiler noise. Although it sounds a little obvious, just check that the mains water supply is properly switched on; especially if you have been fiddling with it for some reason or other. If it’s fully open, the next thing to do is to check the feed and expansion tank.

It could also be a problem with your float valve. If you can find the float valve in the tank, check to see that it isn’t stuck. If it is, jiggle the metal arm in order to free it up.

You can also check the safety vent pipe to ensure it has been properly installed.

Winter freeze

If you have ice in your water pipes, this could cause the noise. Beware, as when any ice melts, it can all too easily cause your water pipes to burst

Call in a professional plumber in Brixton

If you are not sure of what you are doing when it comes to plumbing, the best thing to do is to call in a professional plumber in Brixton if that’s where you live (or work). We here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating are experts at boiler repair and new boiler installation.

If you’re worried about being ripped-off, don’t be. We provide quality work (we are Gas Safe registered and CIPHE approved) and we will only do what is necessary. Our first aim is always to repair rather than replace. Call us on 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184.