Limescale-free homes – how to banish limescale from your home

Limescale-free homes have some great advantages to offer, so we here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating have got together some advice to help you to banish limescale from your home.

Hard-water London

If you are unfortunate enough to live in a hard water area, the risk of water-pipes and appliances furring-up with limescale will be much higher. London as an area is notorious for its hard water, so if this is where you live, this blog-post is for you.

The tell-tale signs of limescale include the build-up of a white coating inside your taps and inside your kettle. Some more modern taps are now fitted with filters, and if these filters get partially blocked-up with limescale, the tell-tale sign will be a disrupted flow of water from the affected tap. Shower heads are another common device that suffer from limescale deposits

It is also common for appliances to take-on a general dull appearance, also sinks and baths, but all of these signs will disappear if you follow our advice on limescale-free homes.

The dangers of hidden limescale

The problem with limescale signs that you can’t see, is that the build-up is still there, but it is hidden from sight due to where it takes place. Appliances that suffer from this problem include washing machines, dishwashers and boilers. A limescale build-up can affect the performance of the appliance and necessitate expensive repairs, and in the case of boilers, can result in increased energy costs.

Ways of dealing with hard-water

Limescale-free homes, size for size, are more efficient and have cheaper energy costs. There are two main ways of achieving limescale free homes of you live in a hard-water area like London, and these are:

  • Water softeners
  • Water conditioners

Water softeners work on a chemical basis by using salt. A device is connected into a suitable location if your home’s plumbing system. The salt is automatically added to the water, and needs to be topped-up from time to time. These devices are readily available and for more information you can search online or chat to us here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating. The rice of water softening devices starts at around £300.

Water conditioners are generally speaking, a cheaper alternative. They are relatively easier to install and can be fitted by a competent DIYer. Water conditioners employ an electronic control device which brings about a change to the properties of the water. They do not require salt.

Limescale-free homes enabled by CW Services Plumbing and Heating

For those who live in hard-water areas in London, and who are desire limescale-free homes, we here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating would be only too pleased to help.

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