Kitchen sink blockages and how to deal with them

Kitchen sink blockages

Kitchen sink blockages can often be easily avoided by doing a simple bit of maintenance. It doesn’t require any tools or special products. All you need is some vinegar or washing-up liquid and a good quantity of boiling water.

Washing-up liquid contains a degreasing agent. That’s what cleans fat, grease or oil from your dirty dishes. If on a regular basis, (say every two or three months), you pour one generous tablespoon of detergent down the kitchen sink plughole, followed by the boiling hot water this will remove any build-ups of grease. When you pour the boiling water, do it a little at a time.

Using a sink plunger to unblock kitchen sinks

Many kitchen sink blockages can be removed with a sink plunger. All you have to do is place the rubber bell section of the plunger over the plughole. Once it is positioned, apply downward force to the plunger handle, repeatedly depressing and releasing in rapid motion.

To work effectively, there should be enough water in the sink to cover the dome of the rubber bell section. If there isn’t any water because it drains away slowly, you need to add some. Boiling water works best but be careful not to splash and scald yourself when pumping.

Proprietary unblocking agents

The other thing you can buy from DIY stores and supermarkets are proprietary unblocking agents such as Buster or Mr Muscle. Many supermarkets also sell their own brands. These should generally be poured and left overnight before flushing through with water.

Sometimes kitchen sink blockages can be too stubborn and cannot be removed with vinegar, washing -up detergent and hot water, or even by using a plunger. Going to the next level of removing blockages involves using specific tools like drain unblockers. These are the best things to use if the obstruction is located around bends in the water pipes.

Time to call in a plumber?

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