Is London underfloor heating expensive?

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The cost of installing underfloor heating depends on two things:

  • The nature of the installation – new build property – existing property
  • What sort of system you want to install – dry or wet?

The nature of the installation is important because it will dictate the type of underfloor heating that can be installed. Basically there needs to be an air gap between the foundation of the floor and the floor covering. In new build properties this problem is minimised because floor covering can be installed after the underfloor heating.

In an existing property however, if the air gap doesn’t exist it will have to be created. In a worst-case scenario this could involve rebuilding the floor.

The difference between wet and dry London underfloor heating

The problem of having an air gap only really arises when you are considering installing wet London underfloor heating. This is because the pipes that carry the water have to be of sufficient diameter and therefore need a larger air gap.

Dry London underfloor heating doesn’t suffer from this problem. That’s because instead of pipes through which the hot water runs, dry systems work by heating through electric wires.

The difference in installation costs

As you might well expect, the cost of installing wet London underfloor heating is significantly higher than installing dry. In addition to any work that may be done to the floor in terms of air gap, all of the pipes have to be connected up and fed from a hot water boiler.

No two underfloor heating installation are the same. It is not therefore possible to arrive at a standard installation cost. If someone offers you a quotation without having carried out a survey, they will almost certainly be building extra cost contingencies to cover themselves.

The difference in running costs

When it comes to the difference in running costs however this is more easily definable in terms of which system is more cost effective. Generally speaking, wet London underfloor heating is cheaper to run than dry.

It is also worth bearing in mind that electric underfloor heating only warms the surface of the floor. It is therefore only usually recommended for small, occasional areas like bathrooms. High-glass areas such as conservatries for example, are a no-no.

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So there you have it. As a general rule of thumb, wet underfloor heating is more expensive to install, but it is cheaper to run. To find out more about the benefits of underfloor heating, please click here. If you would like us here at CW Services Heating and Plumbing to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation, please call 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184.