How to Fix a Leaking Washing Maching

Leaking Washing Machine – what do I do?

If your washing machine begins leaking, before you call in the plumber there are a few things you can try to fix the machine yourself if you are DIY-minded; but before you start dismantling the machine, just make sure that the problem isn’t a plugged floor drain.

Check the external hoses

First things first, and that is of course to try and find the source of the leak. Drain the machine of water, and move it away from the wall, then start the fill-cycle. Take a look at the back of the machine to see if there is a leak around the supply hose at the back.

Shut down the water supply and switch power off to the machine. Then replace any old, corroded hoses. If the integrity of the hoses looks good, all you need do is to replace the internal washers with new ones.

Replacing internal hoses

Next, if you didn’t find the leak in the external hoses, you now need to get into the machine itself. You need to establish whether your washing machine is belt driven or driven direct. If no belt is in evidence, it’s a direct drive machine.

Belt driven machines usually have access panels at the back that unscrew. Direct drive machines can be accessed internally by removing a couple of screws on the outside face of the control panel and then opening the lid.

The next step is to lever-off the cabinet clips, and then remove the outer cabinet. Reconnect the power and start the fill-cycle to check for leaks. Keep an eye open for any tell-tale signs such as rust and/or calcium deposits.

The most common leaks are caused by a worn-out spring clamp. Try removing the spring clamp with a pair of adjustable pliers. You may need special hose clamp pliers. When you get the old spring clamp off, change it for a new worm-drive type clamp. If the internal hose has become cracked and is leaking, fit a new one which you can buy from your local parts supplier. Take the old hose with you to make sure you get the right replacement.

Replacing a leaky pump

If the hoses are all intact, your washing machine may have a leaky pump. Pumps often develop a leak around the seal with the pulley. If this is the problem you will need to replace the pump itself.

The pump is accessed from underneath the machine. Having unplugged the machine, you can then tilt it back against the wall, to expose the underside. Chock it in position with a car-jack, or a couple of pieces of timber. Remove and replace the pump. It the driver belt looks worn, replace that too.

Fixing a leaky tub

The most difficult repair is that of a leaky tub fitting. This is beyond the ken of most average homeowners so it’s not something we recommend that you try. It you are determined to have a go yourself, the best course of action is to get some plans and instructions from your local washing machine or parts supplier.

Call in the professionals – CW Services Plumbing and Heating

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