How to fix a Leaky Shower

Do you have a leaky shower?

If you want to know how to fix a leaking shower, read on. We’re going to go through the basic steps of carrying out a simple leak repair. But before we get started, let’s just fill in a little bit of background.

First things first
This step by step repair process comes to you courtesy of CW Services, one of the top plumbing services in London. If you get into plumbing showerany plumbing difficulties or experience any problems with plumbing issues of any kind; were the boys for you. You can reach us by phone on 020 7501 9549 or 07949 095 184.
Even if you’re not much of a DIYer, you shouldn’t just pick up the phone and call a plumber. It’s your prerogative of course, and if you decide that’s what you’re going to do, all well and good. We’ve given you our contact telephone numbers in the paragraph above. But before you do that, you might like to consider seeing if you can trace the leak and repair it yourself, and here’s how.

Check the joint between the shower head and the flexible pipe

The most likely place for a leak to develop is at the juncture where the flexible shower pipe screws into the shower head. It’s pretty logical because it’s this joint that suffers all of the wear and tear. If it is leaking it’s very easy to spot the water seeping out through the joint when you turn the tap(s) on. If water is seeping out, the first thing to try, (and to be fair you may already have done this), is to see if the screw joint is tight. If not then just tighten it by hand. If this doesn’t work, the next step is to remove the shower head from the flexible pipe.
With luck, you’ll be able to unscrew the shower head by hand. If you can’t, an adjustable wrench (sometimes called a monkey wrench) is the best tool to use, or of course, the right size of spanner.

Check the shower head gasket
Inside the inlet into the shower head you’ll see a small black circular seal with a hole in the middle to let the water run through. Remove the seal and rub it gently between your fingers. If a trace of black residue comes off onto your fingers, it needs replacing. You can get replacement seals at any plumber’s merchants or ironmonger (if you can find one), or of course your local DIY store. Take the old one with you to make sure the replacement you buy is the same size. You may also need to buy some Teflon tape too (see below).Once you’ve got your replacement gasket, simply push it into position inside the shower head inlet pipe. It may take a little gentle force. Be sure to make certain that it is seated properly, nice and flat.

Taping the thread of the pipe
plumbers shower north londonYou may find that your leak is now fixed. However, just to be on the safe side, it’s always a good idea to wrap 2 or 3 turns of Teflon tape around the exposed thread of the shower pipe. This too you can buy at the same place you buy the gasket. Following the direction of the thread, wind the tape on so it’s fairly tight, but not so tight as to cut through the thread. Screw the shower head back on and run the water. Turn the water off and look to see if the shower head is still dripping. If not, job done!
If you find the shower head is still dribbling a little, you will need to unscrew the shower head again and remove the Teflon tape you just installed. Replace the Teflon tape anew, this time taping it a little tighter and putting on one extra turn. Reassemble and retest. Hopefully, you will have fixed the link.
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