Finding quality, affordable London plumbing services

London plumbing services

Do you live in our fair capital city? Whether you’re a homeowner, a landlord or a tenant, you’ll probably need London plumbing services at some stage. The same goes for if you have a business property if it has plumbing of some kind.

You made need London Plumbing services to cover all sorts of things. Repairs (including emergencies) are the reason that most people end up looking for plumbers, but there are other things too.

You may need a new bathroom or shower fitting. How about plumbing for a new appliance? Maybe you want to replace your boiler, or you be thinking about installing central heating or doing a wet room conversion?

The value of a good recommendation

Whatever it is you need, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There are literally hundreds or registered plumbers to be found in local directories or on the web. The problem is that they are not necessarily all good plumbers. There are plenty of “cowboy” plumbers about who do poor quality work. These guys will cost you more as you will probably have to hire another plumber to come and make right.

So what’s the best way of going about choosing someone that provides London plumbing services you can rely on? Your first port of call should be to take a personal recommendation. At CW Services Plumbing and Heating, this is how we get the majority of our work.

Checking out a plumber’s credentials

You may not know anyone who can provide you with a recommendation. What do you do then? You can’t rely on advertising because all businesses will tell you that they are the best thing since sliced bread. So how do you sort out the wheat from the chaff?

One good way of finding a supplier of top quality London plumbing services is to check out a business’s credentials. However, it’s not enough just to believe what you’re told. Its all too easy for a plumber say they have some form of accreditation. You need to verify they are real.

London plumbing services that are Gas Safe registered and CIPHE approved

Here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating we are both Gas Safe registered, and CIPHE approved. Our Gas Safe registration reference is 233012. If you go to the “check a business” page on the Gas Safe website, you can enter this number and check out our registration.

In terms of our  CIPHE accreditation, this stands for Chartered Institute of Plumbing Heating Engineering. Go to the “find a plumber” page on their website. Enter our postcode, SW2 1BZ, and you’ll see our name listed.

Once you are satisfied that the plumber you are checking out has legitimate qualifications, the next thing to do is check out their reliability. The easiest way to do this is to search the company’s website for reviews and customer feedback. For CW Services’ reviews, please follow this link.

Reliable and affordable emergency plumbing services

Should you find yourself with an emergency you’re in luck. We offer a full 24/7/365 emergency call-out service.

If you’re a Londoner and you need a top London plumbing services provider, you now know where to come. CW Services Plumbing and Heating are fully qualified and provide best-quality service. As well as being 100% reliable, we also offer competitive rates. To find out more call us now on 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184.