Cleaning roof guttering

Cleaning roof guttering

Cleaning roof guttering here in the UK is an important consideration for all home owners. Thanks to our gloriously wet weather, the accumulation of dirt, leaves and other objects that get blown around in the wind (plastic bags for example), keeping your gutters clear is an important part of home maintenance.

It’s not just the roof guttering of course. It’s the whole guttering system including downspouts and downpipes. If these are all kept clear they will allow rain water to drain harmlessly away.

Why cleaning roof guttering is important

If gutter systems become blocked, your doors windows, basements, and even your home’s foundations take the full force of the rain which can cause damp, rot and erosion. It also increases the risk of blocked drains in London or wherever else you might live. It’s why it’s so important that cleaning roof guttering is carried out on a regular basis. We suggest at least twice per annum, and even more if you have trees around your home.

Many people like to undertake cleaning roof guttering themselves. It is however a dangerous operation. Working from ladders carries a risk. Falls from height are one of the most common accidents and can cause serious injuries and can even prove fatal. That’s why cleaning blocked guttering and blocked drains in London is one of the services we offer here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating.

How to keep safe when cleaning roof guttering

You must never attempt cleaning roof guttering unless you possess a suitable ladder. A ladder must be tall enough to allow you to reach the guttering comfortably. It must also have good plastic or rubber feet to prevent slippage.

Always keep both feet on the ladder at all times and hold on with a least one hand. Position the ladder on a flat, even and solid surface. The ladder should be leant at a minimum of 75 degrees. Using the 1 in 4 rule will help you to achieve this. The rule is 1 unit out, per 4 units up. When you are on the ladder, keep your hips in line with it and don’t lean out.

Do not lean your ladder against the guttering as it is not that strong. If you can, tie the ladder off at the top to something solid to prevent it slipping sideways of falling backwards. Never stand on the top 2-rungs.

You should wear shoes with a good gripping sole. Never attempt cleaning roof guttering when conditions are wet or icy. You must also wear thick working gloves as gutters often have sharp screws protruding.

How to go about cleaning roof guttering

With a suitable ladder positioned following the guidelines given above, you can now get on with the task of cleaning roof guttering. Cleaning roof guttering can be divided into three simple steps:

Step one is to wash out the guttering using a hose. Hoses with high pressure on-off nozzles are best. Try to choose a day when it is not too wet as the debris in the gutter will be waterlogged and soggy. Begin the cleaning process at the end where the drain outlet is and work your way along from there. Make sure you wear your working gloves and that you have a garden trowel with you in order to scoop out any debris.

Step two is to wash out the gutters with your hose. It is best to start from the end furthest away from the drain outlet, working your way towards it. If you encounter any stubborn debris you can remove this using a stiff brush.

Step three is only necessary if the water is not flowing freely through the guttering or drainpipes. If there is still a blockage in one of drainpipes, you can try using a plumber’s auger which you insert into the drainpipe in order to loosen and push or pull the debris out.

CW Services Plumbing and Heating – specialists for blocked drains in London

As we said earlier, working at height from a ladder can be dangerous. Why not call in the professionals? Call CW Services Plumbing and Heating, recognises specialists for cleaning roof guttering and  dealing with blocked drains in London, on 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184.