How to Choose a Plumber in South London?

How to choose a plumber – plumbing services in South London or elsewhere in the country

Inviting any contractor into your home can be something of a risky business. Painter decorators, electricians, and so called water-heater-installation“handymen” often don’t deliver what they should in terms of customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, the same can be said of plumbers too. There are just so many so-called “cowboys” around. It’s prompted us here at CW Services, one of the most reputable plumbers south London has to offer, to write a few words of advice. To give you some good tips on how to choose a plumber you can trust and rely on; wherever you might reside here in the UK.

We’ve all heard horror stories about plumbers at one time or another. You hear them from neighbours, see them on some of the watchdog programs on TV, and if you’re one of the unlucky ones, you might have experienced them yourself at first hand. So what’s the best way of making sure you don’t add yourself to the list of casualties again, or in the first instance to begin with?

Personal recommendation

Following up a personal recommendation has got to be number one in anybody’s book. Unless you’re a plumber yourself or a great DIYer, you’ll need to call out a plumber at some time in life. We nearly all do. So, therefore, there’s lots of experience out there you can avail yourself of. Just ask around. It’s best to ask people you know; preferably friends and relatives. The odds are that someone in your personal contact list knows of a good plumber that they’re happy to recommend. When people have had a good experience with a plumber, whether it’s a plumbing and heating services company in London, or anywhere else in the country come to that, they’re more than happy to share. But if no one you know can help, what next?

What not to do

The worst thing you can do is to just pick the Yellow Pages or your Thomson local directory, and pick someone blindly just based on the fact that they’re local. That’s when you can land yourself in trouble. You can end up with a shoddy job, a huge bill, still have to have the job re-done, and you can even get yourself burgled! No, your next best step is the good old Internet.

Using the Internet to find good plumbing services in London

The great thing about the Internet is that it covers the whole country – the whole world for that matter. But if you need plumbing services in London, finding someone in Madrid won’t be much help. So wherever you are in here in the UK you can just type plumbers south London into your browsers window for example, and you’ll be given a list to choose from.

Membership of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering

The other good thing about carrying out a search online is that you can check out the plumbers’ websites, and here’s what you need to be looking out for. Look to see if the plumber you’re checking out is a member of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (the CIPHE). If they are, you’re onto a winner.

Are they Gas Safe registered?

If the work you need doing involves the gas supply, (a boiler repair for example), for your own safety you must please only use a Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating services specialist. Gas Safe has replaced what we all used to know as Corgi. But just because a plumber’s website says they’re registered, that may not be enough. Someone cowboy plumbers say they are, but they’re not. If you search their websites you should be able to find their registration number. Once you find it you can follow this link to the Gas Safe website and check out the number to make sure it’s genuine, and still current.

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