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If you’re looking for the best Central Heating Boiler Service in South London, you’ve come to the right place. We here at CW Services (Plumbing & Heating) run our business based on a sound business ethic whereby we always aim to supply a service which is honest, clean and reliable. Whatever the central heating system is that you’ve inherited, or had installed, CWS will service and maintain it so that it works in tip-top condition, staring with the top of the range boiler – just to allow you to benchmark of our abilities- a typical Megaflow Eco installation.

Megaflow unvented boilers – the cream of the crop

For those of you who have not come across Megaflow before, Megaflow boilers are the cream of the crop when it comes down to unvented central heating boilers. They’re the premier choice of architects and top range plumbing contractors. Take the boiler itself as a starter. Most boilers are fabricated from copper or stainless steel. Megaflow goes one step further. All Megaflow boilers are fabricated out of Duplex stainless steel.

Superior design built in

Duplex stainless steel offers a superior performance and better longevity than copper or standard stainless steel; especially when it comes down to standing up to corrosion, even in those toughest of areas where a hard water supply is the norm, and the atmosphere is salty, as with a seaside location.

We love our hot water

In today’s modern age we love our hot water. Baths, showers, jacuzzis, hot tubs, plain old sinks and basins; you name it, we’ve got it, and we love our hot water to be there whenever we need it. That’s where the quality issue comes in. We don’t expect to be let down. It has to be – quite literally – on tap!

The best central heating system deserves the best plumbing and heating services contractor

Megaflow installations are the best way of making sure that you have hot water by the boatload, as and where and when you want it. But not every plumbing contractor who offers a boiler service in London is capable of servicing and maintaining a Megaflow installation. But CWS are! We are a qualified, accredited, Megaflow service, maintenance and installation company; someone you can trust to keep your central heating boiler working at its efficient best; and when we’re talking about the Megaflow Eco system, efficiency is THE key factor.

Keeping your central heating system running efficiently is the key

Having boatloads of hot water on tap, and being eco-friendly, don’t go together in some people’s minds. But that goes out of the window when we’re talking about a Megaflow eco-installation. The technology that Megaflow builds into their design is generally accepted worldwide as the best in unvented heating innovation. So you can understand why keeping your Megaflow system working at its eco-efficient best is so important; not only for eco-friendliness, but for your pocket too. Electricity prices are expensive enough as it is, without having to guzzle more because of an inefficient installation.

Ensure you get the best plumbing services in London

But don’t just call in any old contractor who offers a boiler service in London. Call in CWS – who provide the best plumbing services in London. Were not only qualified to service Megaflow Eco installations, (which should be serviced every 12 months for peak efficiency), but we only ever use genuine Megaflow replacement parts as and when required.

Remove any doubt – call CW Plumbing Services London to find out!