Can I install a toilet in a new room easily?

London toilet installation

If you are looking for a good plumber to carry out a London toilet installation you’ve come to the right place. CW Services Plumbing and Heating are one of the most sought-after plumbers in South London and with good reason. We carry out quality work at an affordable price.

Toilets used to be (and still are in some circles today) referred to as “WCs.” The initials “WC” stand for “Water Closet” or “Water Convenience”, and indeed, the latter of the two descriptions says it all – convenience. Having only one toilet can prove problematic and uncomfortable if you are dying to go to the toilet and it is already occupied. Additionally, there is always the unpleasantness and embarrassment of leaving odours for the next user.

It’s for these two reasons, plus others – increasing the saleability and maybe the price of your property – that so many people today decide to opt for a new London toilet installation.

Things to think about if considering a new London toilet installation

It is not particularly difficult to add a toilet to your home. All you need is a space of approximately six feet by three feet. This will accommodate the toilet itself, plus room for a small hand basin if there isn’t one already. But having said that, it is relatively easy; that is, only if you are, or you employ, a professional plumber.

Thinking about where your new London toilet installation will be best positioned will depend on several factors. First, you will want to consider it from an accessibility point of view. Most people for example like to have an en-suite. But wherever you end-up siting your new toilet, you need to consider the existing plumbing layout of your home.

Having an exterior wall or skylight where you can install a ventilator, is something else you need to think about. If this is not possible you may want to consider allowing for a fan to be introduced to circulate and dissipate air and odours, and to help prevent moisture build-up where your London toilet installation is to include other things like a bath or shower unit.

An alternative solution if there are plumbing issues

If you find that the ideal place for your new toilet is not practical for plumbing reasons, all may not be lost. Typical problems include: if the basement is your first-choice site. This can present gravitational issues.

If your preferred location is too far away from the main drain line, this can present another issue. A new London toilet installation in this instance could mean an expensive overhaul of the existing plumbing system

But as we said, all may not be lost. You could opt for a Saniflo toilet. This type of toilet incorporates a macerator. Macerators are units that liquefy waste thanks to the high-powered blades they incorporate. The macerator unit can be fitted either behind the toilet or in the wall. Once liquefied, any waste can then be pumped through a regular (smaller diameter) pipe to the main drain system.

These types of toilets (also referred to as up-flush toilets) are more costly than standard toilets. However, because they don’t require expensive plumbing system modifications, it could be an option worth considering.

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