Boiler repair tips for peace of mind

Boiler repair tips

If you want some boiler repair tips that will help you to prevent incurring boiler breakdowns and costly call-outs, here are five you ought to be aware of.

Lagging your water pipes

The first of our boiler repair tips is actually nothing to do directly with your boiler; rather it concerns your water pipes – Lagging.

Lagging your water pipes will give them insulation from cold weather. It’s something that you can easily do yourself, and it is not costly. It comes ready-made and is pre-split to make the installation a doddle. You can buy packs of pipe lagging material from most good DIY supermarkets or your local Screwfix outlet.

We’re are all familiar with the saying that prevention is better than cure and this is definitely true when applied to lagging. You can do it at any time of year, but ideally, it is best done before the cold weather sets in. It’s one of the cheapest and simplest boiler repair tips there is.

Turn your boiler off

Like most boiler repair tips, turning your boiler off is common sense. Of course, we are only talking about turning it off once the weather has warmed up. If your boiler is a “combi” all you have to do is to switch it over to hot water mode only.

Just one thing to watch out for; you don’t want to suddenly get to winter, go to switch your boiler on or over to central heating mode only to find it won’t start. To ensure you don’t get caught out this way it’s a good idea to switch it on for about quarter of an hour once a month.

Keep an eye of the water pressure

Hot water boilers tend not to function as well when the water pressure drops too low. The ideal pressure should be between one and one and a half bar. Like all of these boiler repair tips, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to carry this one out. You can check the water pressure by merely reading the dial on the front of your boiler.

If you are unsure about checking the pressure or adjusting it if necessary, simply click on this link for more information.

Power flush your boiler system

Every once in while you should have your boiler system power flushed. Over the months and years, silt and sludge builds up inside your water pipes. It affects the flow of water making any boiler system less efficient, meaning that your boiler has to work harder.

Power flushing is not one of the boiler tips you can do for yourself as it requires specialist equipment. If you live in the South London area and you want to have a power flush carried out, you can get in touch with us here at CW Services Plumbing and Heating. See below for our contact details.

Having your pipes power flushed every two or three years will get rid of any build-up of sludge and in doing so, you will get maximum heat for your heating system at a lower price. It will also helps to extend the working life of your boiler.

Top of the boiler repair tips – annual servicing

The last of our boiler repair tips is to have your boiler serviced on a yearly basis. This will ensure that your boiler works with maximum efficiency. It will help to keep your heating bills low – will help to avoid any future breakdowns, and will lengthen the life of your boiler.

Regular servicing is also essential if you have a gas-fired boiler. When a boiler doesn’t work efficiently, it can produce carbon monoxide fumes. These can be deadly. To make sure that you and your loved ones are safe, get a Gas Safe registered plumber like CW Services Plumbing and Heating to do your annual boiler servicing.

Why not find out more about organising an annual service contract with us today? Just call us on 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184.