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Unfreeze frozen pipes and avoid having to have a frozen pipe repair in London.

It’s that time of year again when you need to be aware of the danger of your water pipes freezing up. If this happens then, in all likelihood, the pipe will burst. It’s because when water turns to ice, it expands, and in terms of when water freezes in pipes, this can lead to a […]

Noisy boiler? – Find a good London boiler repair service

If you have an efficient boiler that is well maintained, it shouldn’t be making any noise. If it is, it is probably an indication that something is wrong. It may well mean that you need to find a plumber like CW Services Plumbing and Heating LTD who offer a London boiler repair service A noisy boiler […]

Worried about needing a London boiler repair specialist this winter?

Worried about your boiler letting you down and having to call in a London boiler repair specialist this winter? It’s something a lot of people are concerned about when they don’t have their boilers properly maintained annualy. CW Services Plumbing and Heating – Top London boiler repair specialists If the worst does happen and your boiler fails, […]

How to ensure a London Plumber doesn’t overcharge you

How can you make sure that the London plumber you use doesn’t overcharge you? It’s something that many people worry about but that few actually ask the question until it’s too late.. Plumbers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some do a great job for a fair price while others; how can we […]

Phone number for a top 24hr emergency plumber in London

Now is a good time to make a note of the number for a 24hr emergency plumber in London as winter is upon us ; in fact well give you two numbers – one is our office number and the next, is our mobile number. The numbers are 020 7733 6812 (office) and 07949 095 184 (mobile). […]

I need an emergency London plumber – how do I find one?

Do you know how to find an emergency plumber in London? It’s easy. All you have to do is to scan through the Yellow Pages or your Thompsons directory, or of course type “emergency plumber London” into your browser window on your computer and carry out an internet search. Making the right choice of emergency London […]

24 hour London boiler repair service

With winter almost upon us now is the time to start thinking about the reliability of your boiler. If you do run into trouble, here are two handy phone numbers (one landline and one mobile) that you can contact to obtain a 24 hour London boiler repair if needs must. They are 020 7733 6812, […]

Your emergency London boiler repair telephone number

If you need an emergency London boiler repair carrying out and you’re looking for the right numbers to call, the numbers you need are 020 7733 6812, which is an office number, and 07949 095 184 which is a mobile number just in case the office is unmanned when you call. Either of these numbers will […]

Which company handles South London boiler repairs?

Whether you live in South London, or elsewhere, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for plumbing repairs, so you don’t get caught out when something goes wrong; especially if that something involves South London boiler repairs. Living in a large urban area like South London means that you will be spoilt for choice […]

South London heating services

With winter now clearly visible on the horizon, now is a good time to start thinking about South London heating services. When the warm weather is here (not often enough in the UK some might say), heating is probably the last thing on your mind. As long as you have hot water for things like […]

What to do when you need an emergency London Plumber

If you live in London and one day (or night) you find yourself in need of the call out services of a top emergency London Plumber, call CW Services Plumbing and Heating on 020 7733 6812 or 07949 095 184. Your plumbing emergency is our main priority Plumbing emergencies can mean different things to different […]

South London underfloor heating installation costs

If you live in South London and you want to find out more about underfloor heating installation costs, one of the best South London underfloor heating specialists to talk to is CW Services Plumbing and Heating. Underfloor heating was first used back in ancient Roman times. Then, the flooring substrate was specially constructed to accommodate […]

I need 24-hour emergency London Plumbing

If you are in need of 24-hour emergency London plumbing, we can help. We are CW Services Plumbing and Heating, and we are one of the most reliable and trustworthy 24-hour emergency plumbers in London. If you have a genuine emergency London plumbing problem, we know how distressing this can be. Your home could be […]