Best plumbing Tools for the DIY Plumber and the Professional

logoRather than having to call out one of the many plumbing services in London for minor repairs, you might like to think about trying to fix them yourself.   But if you do fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY plumber, you’re going to need a few basic tools. These will enable you to handle the simple jobs around the home that need doing from time to time.

Whether its few a simple repairs, like dripping taps and leaking shower heads; or something more ambitious such as fitting a new basin in your cloakroom or bathroom. Having the best plumbing tools for the job is essential.

A plunger

No self-respecting plumber (pro or amateur) can afford to be without a decent plunger. They are cheap, readily available from hardware stores and DIY supermarkets and are the quickest and simplest way of dealing with blocked sinks and drains.

The adjustable spanner

An adjustable spanner isn’t just a plumber’s tool. You can use it for almost anything. In terms of about fiddling around with the electrics, or putting flat-pack furniture together, or maintaining and repairing a bicycle; these little babies are just so useful. You can pick them up in any hardware store or DIY store. Size-wise they come in small, large, and medium. Just pick whichever you need for the job in hand. Better still, get one of each.

The adjustable pipe wrench

Now this is the iconic tool that all plumbers carry around with them, including any call-out south London plumbers offers. This sturdy beast of a tool gives you great leverage for those stubborn, rust cemented fixings. The serrated jaws give it great purchase and are the best way of dealing with fixings that have rounded off edges, and that a spanner just can’t get to grips with.

Mole Grips

Mole Grips are the perfect tool to use when you need to grip and hold things you’re working on. The locking mechanism has been designed so that you can hold something nice and securely yet still have both hands free to work with.

Pipe cutters

Pipe cutters are for the DIY plumber who intends to do some more serious plumbing work beyond just fixing leaks. They are a great way of cutting pipes to the length you want. They’ll give you a much cleaner cut than a hacksaw will, and are a lot faster to use too. They’re also great for those hard-to-get-to locations where you simply don’t have the room to manipulate a hacksaw. Because circular pipe cutters are not adjustable, you’ll need to buy a few to cover the basic pipe sizes you might come across. 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm pipe cutters should cover most things you’ll encounter around the home.

Telescopic tube cutter

This is another tool for the serious DIY plumber. It’s great for dealing with pipes that the ordinary round pipe cutters can’t cope with. Telescopic pipe cutters can cut any pipe with thicknesses from 6mm to 35mm. They provide a lovely clean cut and have a built-in deburrer.

Covering the basics

There are a lot of other tools too that you’ll need if you’re going to take your DIY plumbing to the next level; things like a pipe bender and a blow torch. But to get you off the ground, and to be able to deal with most plumbing emergencies, the tools listed above will stand you in good stead.

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